Regardless of your situation, it is important to establish a relationship with an attorney who can help you identify and achieve your goals. Sometimes your goals (or the positions taken by the opposing party) require aggressive litigation, and our attorneys' trial experience allows them to present a compelling case to the court in a cost-effective manner. However, many goals of their clients more often can be achieved through methods that are less expensive -- both financially and emotionally -- than litigation. The knowledge and experience of our attorneys in both litigation and alternative methods of dispute resolution means that you will be guided to and through the right process for your unique situation.

You should always feel confident that your attorney is dedicated to achieving your goals and has the ability and resources to pursue those goals aggressively. You should be assured that your telephone calls will be returned promptly (within twenty-four hours in most cases); you will be offered the opportunity to review important documents before they are submitted to the opposing party or the court; you will receive copies of all important documents in your case; and the fee structure and relevant law is explained to you in a simple and clear manner.

Our attorneys are dedicated to these principles and committed to supporting you throughout the difficult process of resolving your legal matters.

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